Standard Chartered Bank, Be part of ASEAN's growth story, April 8, 2019 | Watch
Dato' Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra shares the challenges faced and success stories of Timeless Green Sdn Bhd. and Minconsult Sdn. Bhd.
Shouting 'green' from the rooftops, Star Newspaper, Dec 27, 2017 | Read | Download PDF  
ASLI National Clean Energy Forum, Sept. 11, 2017
Dato' Ir Dr. Dennis Ganendra presents on Renewable Energy
Lets Jam@GEM  event organized by The Global Entrepreneurship Movement, November 30, 2016
Dato' Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra speaks on "Re-Imagining The Future"
Animal Farms to Take Part in Green Project, Star News,  July 12, 2016 | Read
Channel News Asia, Renewable Energy Expertise ,  September 16, 2014 (Media Corp) | Watch
Dato' Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra on Channel News Asia Interview commenting  on solar feed -in-tariff programs.


Presentation: Renewable Energy Sources Malaysia - Getting to the Facts (A Review of the Legal Financial and Regulatory Aspects)
by Dato' Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra at 15th World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia on 22nd September 2016
Presentation: Solar PV Renewable Energy Sustainability: Economic Essential or Financial Folly | Download
by Dato' Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra at Renewable Energy World Asia 2015 in Bangkok on 2nd September 2015
Presentation: Solar Pv – An Economic and Financial Review of Solar Implementation in Malaysia
by Dato' Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra at ADB, Asia Solar Energy Forum, 15th June, 2015
The Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) is the premier, annual,  knowledge-sharing event for the latest developments and key issues in Asia’s clean energy sector. The Eighth ASEF meeting covered long-term scenarios solar development, system prices and level zed cost of electricity of utility scale photovoltaic; update on solar development in key countries, solar technology trend, and included an important round table discussion on solar business models and market trends.
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